City of Boise Golf Course Concessions in Boise, Idaho

Golf Course Concessions



Golf Course Concessions


$8.00 - $12.00 Hourly


Parks & Rec Quail Hollow Golf Course, ID

Job Type

Temporary - Up to 19 Hours


Quail Hollow GC

Job Number



3/26/2018 5:00 PM Mountain

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Summary Statement

This position is currently open to all interested persons 19 years or older.

Hours per Week

Up to 19 hours/week

Position Type

Recreation Temporary Position

Essential Functions

Prepares and sells concession items, drives cart and sells beverages on the golf course; operates cash registers, cleans facility and food preparation equipment. This position will also assist in setting up special events and banquets.


Ability to deal with the public, coworkers and supervisors in a friendly and tactful manner; to work evening and weekend hours; to perform basic mathematical calculations; to operate a cash register and calculate change quickly and accurately.

All temporary or part-time employees working 19 hours or less are not eligible for benefits. Please visit our website for further details